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We offer a training within the learning mobility action of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission.  The Erasmus+ programme provides funding opportunities for participating on this program.  School staff and staff of an organization for adult education can apply for this funding. The deadline for application is October 1st, 2015.

The main objective of this international training is to form trainers who are able to use the experiential outdoor education method in their work and to explore and share experience and build skills in the field of formal or non-formal education.

More details about the training: here.

Location of the course: Outward Bound International Youth Center at Sovata, Romania. A resort center, which is famous of it’s salt lakes.

Language of the course: English

1.    11-21 November 2015
2.    13-23 April 2016

The training aims improving the quality of education and training in Europe by enhancing the quality development of schools, institution or organisations.
The course provides knowledge, methodology, insights, techniques and skills needed to achieve this goal.
During the course the trainees will be introduced to methods which enable them to edit their own quality approach.

We can guarantee a high level of quality, during our 20 years of functioning we gained a large experience in organizing international training courses and projects. 

Target audience
- Youth workers, trainers, teacher trainers
- Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs)
- Careers officers, social workers, educational guides and counselors
- Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organisations offering adult education, human resource experts
- Students and others people who would like to specialize in the field of outdoor education, outdoor techniques
-  Other (paid or voluntary) management staff in the institution/organisation

Type of certification of attendance awarded:
1) Certificate of attendance
2) Accredited certificate as adult educator
3) Europass Mobility Certificate

About the Erasmus +:

-   The application of funding in Erasmus+ implies following a strict procedure.
-    No more individuals are able to apply. A school/an organization will decide the number of members from the school/organization that will be sent to attend a training.
-    The school/organization applies for a grant to attend a course that will cover the needs of the school/organisation. The course has to fit into the schools'/organisations’ development plan.
-    The main point in the application is the European Strategy for developing the school/organization. Here the applicant has to identify its needs and benefits of sending staff to training abroad.
-    There is no limit to the number of people attending a course or the requested grant, but it has to be realistic. A team can attend the same course.
-    The application could cover a one or two year's period.
-    Travel: depends the distance.
-    Course and subsistence fee: 750 Euro (course fee) + 230 Euro (accomodation, meals), total: 980 Euro
-    The deadline for application is 17th March 2014 and the selection results are expected in June 2014.
-    Erasmus+ Programme Guide

          - the school education sector (formerly Comenius), look in the official EU Erasmus+ Programme guide on page 66-71, or
          - the adult education sector (formerly Grundtvig), look in the official EU Erasmus+ Programme guide on page 66-72, or
          - the young people and youth workers sector, look in the look in the official EU Erasmus+ Programme guide on page 73-85


Steps to apply:
-    Make the pre-registration at kata@outwardbound
-    Receive the confirmation of you pre-registration
-    Download the application form from the site of National Agency
-    Complete Application Form
-    Submit the Application form to your NA
-    Inform us about the results