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grundtvig assistantship

What is Grundtvig assistantship?                                                       lifelong learning program logo

Grundtvig Assistantship is an action of the Grundtvig programme, financed by the European commission. It gives opportunity for present or future staff involved in adult education, whether formal, non-formal or informal, to spend a period of a minimum duration of over 12 weeks and a maxmimum duration of 45 weeks  in an organization in another European country, participating in the Lifelong Learning programme. The assistants have opportunity to develop their knowledge in the adult education systems in different European country, to learn foreign language and to improve their professional and intercultural competences.

Who can apply for a Grundtvig assistantship?
• Teachers and other staff working in adult education;
• In-Service trainers of such staff;
• Former teachers re-entering adult education in a professional capacity after a period away;
• Graduates with a qualification in adult education/andragogy and advanced level students studying towards such a qualification.

The tasks to which an Assistant may contribute include:
• providing support for adults with special educational needs;
• assisting in facilitating learning, or with some aspect of managing adult education;
• providing information on their country of origin and helping with the teaching of its language;
• introducing or reinforcing the European outlook at host institution;
• initiating, developing and assisting in the implementation of projects.

Assistants are fully integrated in life at the host organization. As Grundtvig Assistantships are open to all adult education staff, the level of experience and seniority of participants can vary considerably. Depending on his/her specific profile, an Assistant can either:
• play a mainly ancillary role at the host organization, assist in various teaching or management activities; or
• take full responsibility for one or more courses or a particular aspect of management at the host organisation

mariyaOur current Grundtvig Assistant is Mariya Georgieva from Bulgaria. Her Grundtvig assistantship in Romania started in August 2013 and she will be living in Sovata and in Tirgu Mures till June 2014. She is assisting in planning, preparing and leading our courses and programs. Also she is helping in the administration work of our organization with writing and coordinating grant proposals.
You can read her blog at: