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Intercultural Education Through Outdoor Programs

Grundtvig workshop:

Intercultural Education Through Outdoor Programs

Dates of the Workshop: 13-22/11/2012
Place: Sovata/Szováta Country: Romania
Location: Outward Bound International Youth Center, information about the location: www.outwardbound.ro

Topic of the Workshop: Intercultural education

Language of the Workshop: English

Target group(s): adults (age over 25, or less if not involved in formal education as student) working with multicultural groups and coming from bi-, or trilingual communities (2 persons by country representing different ethnic groups)

Main activities
The main goal of this workshop is to exchange experiences and find new ways, techniques and methods how intercultural education can be developed in and with outdoor activities. The programme of the workshop contains outdoor activities like expedition in the Eastern-Carpathians, outdoor problem-solving exercises, intercultural city challenge in the multicultural town Sighisoara/Segesvár/Schässburg. The design, delivery and debrief of all the activities will focus on the issue of intercultural education, how outdoor education can contribute to a better knowledge about each others culture, habits.


Programme of the Workshop:

Expected outputs
Besides the fact that participants will experience various outdoor activities they will gain a better knowledge and best practices about skills, techniques, methods which can improve intercultural education. The workshop will have as output also a methodical handout about development of intercultural education through outdoor activities which will contain also best practices presented by participants from their countries, or experienced in the workshop.

Financies: The course is financed by Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Agency of the European Commission

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