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Journey of ThisAbility

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“Because we believe that the inner strengths to make people aware of their true potential can be the best they can be and to help others to do the same. Because we want to give opportunity for everybody to find their power and encourage them to follow their dreams.”

Outward Bound Romania gave place for a 10 day youth exchange program in Szováta International Youth Centre, ensuring a high standard program by skilled trainers. The young people (18-30 ages) participated in interesting and unusual challenges, which helped the physical disabled (and not just) people to move forward in their life. During the program, they went for an overnight expedition, were involved in ropes course, and they had time for self-reflection, and also learnt the basics of project management. All these activities aimed that these young people gain a deeper self-awareness, increase their self-confidence, trust in others, expand their personal boundaries and bring to the surface their hidden abilities. The gained experience can help in their daily lives, representation in their interests, express opinions and a more active social role-taking. 

The participants got in touch with Szováta’s inhabitants by giving stickers to them, which draw attention to the fact that everyone has opportunity - whether he/she is disabled or not-, perseverance and convergence are more important, and no one has to give up their dreams.

The Journey of ThisAbility youth exchange was financed by Youth in Action Program of the European Commission.

Period: 10-19 October, 2014 


-Apeirons (Latvia) 

-Élményakadémia (Hungary) 

-Studio Zazitku-Outward Bound Slovakia (Slovakia) 

-Lubelska Wojewodzki Komenda (Poland) 

- Outward Bound Romania (Romania) 

Special thanks to the students of Sapientia University, Department of Film, Photography and Media:http://film.sapientia.ro/en/

Project coordinator: 

Blizik Anitta