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Nosce te ipsum (Know Thyself)

Outdoor Personal Development Training

Location: Sovata
Participants: 18+
Languages: Romanian, Hungarian, English - depends on origin and language skills of participants
Period: 14-19 July 2011

"Programme financed by DJT Mureş."

The most successful people in life are not necessarily those who were the best students at school. In the real world, personal qualities such as a can-do attitude, the capacity to work within a team and a willingness to tackle new challenges are often far more important than academic ability.

Have you ever asked yourself if the job you are doing day-to-day satisfies you? Or have you finished your studies and don't know what to do next? If you feel you are at a turning-point, then the 'Nosce Te Ipsum' ("Know Yourself") training program is just for you. Working within a multicultural team in an inspirational natural environment, you will discover your untapped personal resources and find the confidence to change your life for the better!

We cannot assure you success because results depend on how deeply you choose to engage yourself in the course. But one thing is sure: Nosce Te Ipsum is going to be one of the experiences of your life!

Day 1 (p.m.) - arrival to Sovata, setting the camp, interactive games, getting to know one another
Day 2 - Outdoor team-building exercises
- Preparation to the expedition
Day 3 - first day of expedition
Day 4 - second day of expedition
Day 5 - third day of expedition
- building rafts and rafting
- evaluation session
Day 6 (a.m.) - Ropes Course
- final evaluation and feedback
(p.m.) - departure

Contact person: Ms. Varga Katalin
Tel: +40-365-407 673
Tel/Fax: +40-265-250 939
E-mail: info@outwardbound.ro