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Your Disability, Your Opportunity!


Date: 08-19.04.2011
Place: Sovata, OBR Youth Center
Participants: - young people with physical disability
- health young people
Partners: - Academy of Experience from Hungary
- Studio Zazitku- Outward Bound Slovakia

Financial support: The Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission
- to provide young people with physical disabilities with the opportunity to experience new adventures
- to facilitate intercultural dialog between young people with physical disabilities
- to encourage young people with physical disabilities to play an active role in their communities
- to increase participants’ self esteem and their trust in others
- to contribute to the social inclusion of participants
- to teach participants life skills

Short video about the program

Coordinator project: Vajda Kinga
Tel.: 0769 224 283
e-mail: kinga@outwardbound.ro