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The three big steps of the project are:

1. Training of trainers, Sovata, Romania –August 09-19.2016 The training involved activities, providing intensive experience to the participants, followed by debriefings – team building and problem solving activities, expedition, high and low ropes, sessions on using the methodology in youth work with people with special needs, theoretical sessions about experiential education through outdoor activities and practical sessions, when participants prepared activities by themselves.


2. Activities/projects/events on local level – 1-3 day in the period September - middle of November 2016. The local actions were based on the methodology, learned on the training. The participants of the training on their local projects involved young people with different ages and with different physical or mental disabilities, 10-15 person/country. The participants were responsible for the actions on local level.


3. Follow up - Reporting- Report writing - November 2016- the participants have sent written reports and photos about their local actions and description about the activities. Feedback was given about their work to them through Skype or email.


An Activity book/ Toolkit was created by the project coordinator. The material contains the theories used and learned during the training and the activity descriptions written by the participants in their reports.


The project had the deepest impact on the participants, who went through an intensive personal and professional development process. The gained knowledge and skills are passed on the local actions and other following activities, programs organized by them at their organization. The disabled people who benefited and will benefit from the experiential education programs organized by them will take part in building a healthier and more responsible society.


The location of the training was: - Outward Bound International Youth Center – Sovata, Romania   (http://outwardbound.ro/en/international-youth-center)

-  Ghurghiului Mountains

Participants: 26 participants + 4 leaders 

4 people by partner, 6 from Romania- trainers, youth workers, volunteers, aged 20+, who have experience or would like to work with disabled people. Condition was  to be interested in experiential education, outdoor activities and be able to communicate in English.

Financial criteria:
-Visa cost, accommodation and food were covered 100% for the entire duration of the exchange.

-100% of the travel cost, till the maximum amount set by the EU, was transferred for the partners

 -the equipment for the expedition is covered by Outward Bound Romania 

About the program (short description): getting to know each other, theory and practice of the experiential education specialized for persons with disabilities (models, methods, activities, games), expedition in the Ghiurghiului Mountains (2 days), ropes course and opportunities to use it for persons with disabilities, planning and implementing activities for persons with disabilities - feedback from other participants and trainers about practical sessions.


The Activity book/Toolkit sent to the partners and participants and uploaded on the Salto Youth net.

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Contact: Tóth Orsolya, orsi_toth@yahoo.com. Cell: 0040-746-844400